Streamline your staffing with our efficient workforce rental services

Personnel staffing and rental workforce provide flexibility for growth, whether the need is for seasonal high peak changes or long-term needs. Personnel rental gives the ability to flexibly solve resourcing challenges, achieve cost savings and fight local talent shortages.

Let us provide you the workforce you need quickly and simply so you can focus on growth

Candidate Profiling

Together, we determine the employee profiles, skill and experience levels and salary ranges for the positions.

Candidate selection

We source for suitable candidates from our networks and leveraging our digital tools. We interview the candidates, ensure the level of competence and their availability.

Client interviews

We provide a shortlist of the best candidates for you to interview or alternatively we can handle the entire interview process for you.

Starting work

After matching candidates are found, we finalize employment contracts and you can onboard your new team members.


Eliminate downtime and focus on what matters: growing your business

Our workforce rental is always tailored exactly according to your needs and can include both local and relocated talent to solve your resourcing challenges. In multiple industries global relocated talent is the answer to employee shortages. Finesta’s international office and sourcing network works fast to solve your challenges.


You can save money by avoiding the cost of recruiting, handling payroll and additional staffing costs that are associated with full-time employees.

Flexible & scalable

Easily adjust staffing levels as needed without having to commit to long-term contracts. This makes it easier for you to respond quickly to increased needs or changes due to demand.

On-demand skills

We provide access to specialized staff members with specific skills and experience that are not always easily available in your local area.

Safe & legal

We always work according to local and international legislation and policies, ensuring both you and the employees are fully protected.

Working with industry leading companies

We have been a key personnel partner for multiple international companies like ABB, Ericsson, Rapala and Note. Our clients trust our ability and process to provide skilled workforce when needed. You can focus on the daily work and business growth while we handle the resourcing of employees, both locally and across borders. We provide personnel for multiple positions within different industries.

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We understand the value of staffing services and the importance of a reliable recruiting partner. With our expert services, we help businesses find the best candidates for their positions quickly and cost-effectively.

Change the way you recruit, starting today

Whether you have a need to find seasonal staff for covering high peaks, long-term employees growing with you or remote employees, Finesta is the solution.