On a mission to empower businesses with the right people.

Finesta has been operating since 2008 and has grown to become one of the leading providers of cross-border temporary staff and workforce, recruitment and remote services and personnel consultations. We operate Europe wide, finding needed talent both locally and across borders.

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As a leader in cross-border staffing solutions,
we bridge the gap for the right talent.

Our agile workforce solutions serve clients across Europe, with local presence in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Ukraine. We specialize in providing top talent for the industrial and manufacturing, horeca, logistics, and IT industries, both locally and across borders.

of staffing, rental workforce, recruitment and remote services experience


working for different clients on a daily basis, across multiple industries


over the years. Safe to say we're experienced when it comes to finding talented people.

Finesta - workforce solutions since 2008

Professional excellence provides the results we need in a continuously changing business environment.



We have a relentless focus on client needs and delivering value that benefits their businesses. We listen to our clients and continuously respond to clients’ needs and challenges.


Get It Done

We execute on time and complete tasks methodically, focusing on the collective financial and productive impact for our clients.



We recognize that we can only succeed in our mission when we work together as a team and hold each other accountable to high standards and specific metrics.



We treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, both internally and externally. We show respect for the opinions of everyone we interact with, and always demonstrate honesty and empathy.



We can accomplish more together, so as a team, we listen actively and seek to learn from one another.

Driven by our mission.

Our mission is to provide transparent and trustworthy staffing solutions that connect businesses with the skilled workforce they need, locally and across-borders. We value building lasting relationships with our clients and workers, and strive to create a positive and fair working experience for all parties involved.

Accelerating growth.

A modern staffing company can accelerate growth for its clients by providing access to a highly-skilled and flexible workforce, whether it be by sourcing top talent locally or relocating skilled workers from other regions. This allows companies to respond quickly to market demands and capitalize on new opportunities.

Meet the team

New business
Heikki Mäki
Managing Director
Indrė Kirkilytė
HoReCa Business Director
Veiko Norit
Administrative Manager
Katja Moisio
Account Manager
Mikko Nieminen
HR consultant
Karina Paju
People operations
Ela Pivoriunaite-Capina
HR specialist
Maija Telje
HR specialist
Sirle Giirin
Tatjana Mištšenko
HR specialist
Svetlana Kozlovskaja
Jekaterina Babina
Support operations
Katrin Potapenko
Support specialist
Kristina Simonova
Irina Mölder
Svetlana Ropp

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Serving companies across multiple industries

We understand the value of staffing services and the importance of a reliable recruiting partner. With our expert services, we help businesses find the best candidates for their positions quickly and cost-effectively.

Change the way you recruit, starting today

Whether you have a need to find seasonal staff for covering high peaks, long-term employees growing with you or remote employees, Finesta is the solution.