Relocating services - wherever your business takes you, we can help.

As businesses strive to remain competitive, relocating of staff is an increasingly viable option. At Finesta, we specialize in making this process as seamless as possible.

Let us find & relocate your new employees quickly and simply so you can focus on growth

Candidate Profiling

Together, we determine the employee profiles, skill and experience levels and salary ranges for the positions.

Candidate selection

We source for suitable candidates from our networks and leveraging our digital tools. We interview the candidates, ensure the level of competence and their availability.

Client interviews

We provide a shortlist of the best candidates for you to interview or alternatively we can handle the entire interview process for you.


After matching candidates are found, we take care of the actual relocation, from legal documents to a smooth settling at destination.


Eliminate downtime and focus on what matters: growing your business

Relocation of talent has become a norm in today’s economy. Many industries offer flexibility for work location and multiple countries suffer from local talent shortage among both blue and white-collar industries.  Relocation is in many cases the solution. A well-planned and professional relocation gives you an advantage over competitors who focus on local talent only.


Our team of experienced professionals have relocated employees for years. We're familiar with all aspects in relocating people both from outside EU / EEA are to the EU and internally as well.

Cost saving

Our relocation services free up your own resources to other more productive tasks as we have the resources and connections for handling relocations fast and effectively.

Increased productivity

When using relocation services, you create a stress-free relocation for your new employee and thus increase the employee's productivity.


With us, you can stick to the basic relocation handling all officials documents or full service where we find accommodation and other local tasks offering smooth relocation. Or anything between!

Working with industry leading companies

Finesta has been relocating talent since the company foundation. Our experience has built a process and service that offers a smooth relocation for both the employer and the employee. When the local skills shortage is holding back your growth opportunities, Finesta is the solution with its international office and sourcing network for both finding the talent and making sure their relocation to a new country is as easy and smooth as possible.

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