Advisory services to accelerate your business expansion

If you are in the market for a new factory, warehouse or software development team, Finesta has the resources and experience you need to make your venture successful. Our local offices in many Eastern European countries can offer cost-savings on staff and work environment.

We can identify a suitable business environment for you

We can consult and provide services for setting up teams, from tens to hundreds of people for multiple industries. An external consultant specializing in the subject brings vision to growing your business.

Region knowledge

We have tens of years of experience from operating in the Baltics and entire Eastern European region. Our experience is in your use.


Over the years, we've built regional contacts and networks we offer for our clients looking to establish new business units.

Easy set up

Regardless of the volume of your operations, we will help you get started as smoothly as possible, working together with you from day one.

Safe & legal

We offer a safe way for you to look for expanding your business to new locations. We're familiar with local legislations in Eastern Europe and help you get started.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Onboarding Process

We have been a key personnel partner for years for multiple industry leading companies like ABB or Ericsson. Our clients trust our ability and process to provide staffing services that combine speed, flexibility, cost savings and the possibility to gain a competitive advantage with relocated talent. 

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We work for you to find the best possible combination of work force to fuel your growth.

In today’s world local talent shortage among different industries is a bottleneck for growth. We at Finesta we believe tomorrow’s workforce is often a combination of both local employees and relocated people or fully remote work in industries where it’s possible. We work for you to find the best possible combination of work force to fuel your growth.
Juho Oranen, CEO & Co-founder TalentByte