Reach your business goals with a remote team

Remote work offers a solution for local talent shortage especially in software development where you no longer have to fight for the local talent. This gives you an advantage over your competition and fuels your growth.

Let us provide you the workforce you need quickly and simply so you can focus on growth

Candidate Profiling

Together, we determine the employee profiles, skill and experience levels and salary ranges for the positions.

Candidate selection

We source for suitable candidates from our networks and leveraging our digital tools. We interview the candidates, ensure the level of competence and their availability.

Client interviews

We provide a shortlist of the best candidates for you to interview or alternatively we can handle the entire interview process for you.

Starting work

After matching candidates are found, we finalize employment contracts and you can onboard your new team members.


Eliminate downtime and focus on what matters: growing your business

Fixed location is no longer needed in certain jobs and remote work offers both the employee and the employer flexibility, freedom and savings on costs. The employer is no longer fixed to a local smaller talent pool, but can leverage the massive networks of remote talent in finding the best possible matches.

Wider talent pool

Remote work allows you to hire the best talent across borders, but still in similar timezones, rather than being limited to those who live in a specific location.

Cost savings

Our remote model saves you money on recruiting costs, office and payroll costs and in most cases also on salary levels.


Remote work gives people more flexibility and thus increases their work-life balance and overall job satisfactions.

Increased productivity

Remote work allows people to create their own work environments, which can increase their productivity and focus.

Working with industry leading companies

Finesta offers remote services with its own remote offices in Romania and Ukraine, but also fully remotely. With our offices we provide a home for software professionals working for our European clients, with ability to have a team of people at the same the location from time to time. We also provide fully remote employees where we handle all local payroll and compliance for you, while you work directly with your remote team members.

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