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Finesta specializes in building remote software development teams, so you can focus on product success and growing your business.

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Eliminate downtime and focus on what matters: growing your business

In IT & Software development resources Finesta is specialized in remote talent. Most of today’s software development work can be done fully remotely when managed properly. Finesta offers companies talent fully remotely from multiple European countries or alternative we set up development teams to our remote offices in Romania, Poland or Ukraine. Solve your resourcing challenges with Finesta remote developers.

Cost effective

Businesses can save money by avoiding the cost of benefits, payroll taxes, and additional staffing costs that may be associated with full-time employees.

Flexible & scalable

Easily adjust staffing levels as needed without having to commit to long-term contracts. This makes it easier for businesses to respond quickly when staffing needs increase due to changes in demand or customer preferences.

On-demand skills

We provide access to specialized staff members with specific skills and experience that are not always available in an organization’s local area.

Safe & legal

The vetting process also ensures that all legal requirements are met prior to placing an employee on assignment which helps protect both businesses and employees from potential liabilities related to employment law violations or misclassification issues.

Working with industry leading companies

We provide flexibility when you need to scale  up or down or restructure your development resources. We find the needed talent with the right skills fast from our own wide networks and talent pool, while you can focus on managing the talent and growing your business. Leveraging remote software talent also brings significant cost-efficiency. Our pricing is simple and transparent, easy to budget. Finesta takes care of all payroll, local taxation and compliance, while you receive just one monthly invoicing covering all.

We work industry leading companies, such as Fujitsu.

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We understand the value of staffing services and the importance of reliable recruiting services. With our expert services, we help businesses find the best candidates for their positions quickly and cost-effectively.

Change the way you recruit, starting today

Whether you have a need to find seasonal staff for covering high peaks, long-term employees growing with you or remote employees, Finesta is the solution.